The advent of modern technology has sparked off newer social trends. It has resulted in a paradigm shift in the world of communication and networking. The methods have revolutionized the pre-existing trends and have brought in numerous reforms that are so conveniently being used in favor of various entities.

Social media marketing has brought in a stupendous boost to the marketing sector by making an idea presentable before a wide audience that was previously inaccessible. Technically, it is the procedure of drawing traffic to a website through systematic and strategic marketing on social media websites.

This particular form of marketing requires proper study of market and consumer behavior and then involves skillful correlation of research, market trends and product highlighting to create a powerful propaganda on the social media sites.

In 2016, 68.3 percent of internet users were social media users and these figures are expected to grow.


  • Skillful content are created; be it multimedia, textual or any other format that can highlight a product or a website selling the service or the product.
  • These contents are then posted on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter wherein the campaign directly or indirectly comes in contact with the viewers and begins getting noticed.
  • This form of marketing helps a product, brand or company to gain a viral outreach though strong word of mouth among the internet public.
  • Websites like the online video giant YouTube, the professional connecting forum LinkedIn, Instagram, etc have become the ideal places to connect to the maximum number of people.
  • Since there is a humongous presence of a potential marketplace in these social networking and online media sharing sites, it is appropriate to used them in a optimized way so as to garner maximum attention towards a product, service, brand or a company.

How Consurgys Helps?

  • We have a dedicated team of creative professionals who have been chosen after rigorous examination and possess a healthy amount of experience. They are highly skillful and excel in the art of social marketing with distinction.
  • The model of our operation also allows flexibility and indulgence of the client so that they can provide us with inputs and feedback in every stage of development of a social media campaign.
  • Our professionals have amazing domain knowledge and have a strong background to help them formulate the best innovative ideas and content for social media marketing.

At Consurgys, we believe in customer satisfaction and therefore put in a lot of effort through dedicated research work and intelligent design of a campaign or a content that has the potential to draw maximum attention.

Our services have received acclaim and applause from many clients and our social media advertisements and campaigns have been impact to the point of delivering huge benefits to our clients.