PR Agency In India

A healthy communication between customers and merchants is really an essential part for any effective business strategies. That why, Consurgys embrace the effective communication to broaden the knowledge or information from organization point to public. We are counted as one of the Best PR Agencies in Delhi that carve out a path of healthy relationship with the customers.

We indulge in various customized programs and deliver to a targeted audience group through newsletters, intranet, website, white papers, case studies, etc. Best PR Agency in Delhi that incorporates a team which knows exactly how to convince the audience for their client through an innovative idea. We just want to represent our client’s identity and values in more ethical manner that comprises of integrity as well.

Like other best pr companies in Delhi, we customize our services to suit client’s need and requirement. Proffering all solution for Internal and external communication services is our superior objective.

Absolute fine quality of services through the PR agency in Delhi is now fulfilled through Consurgys in the field of:

  • Media Relation management

As one of the best Pr agencies in Delhi, we maintain media relationship management that comprises of working with media to inform the public about the organization’s mission and building a name of the company through it. It involves the use of media to create a positive image of the company. We are well connected with leading newspapers and T.V journalists and thus help in putting forward a good name for the company.

  • Brand awareness management

The sole purpose of brand awareness is to let the targeted audience know that you exist. We are such kind of Pr agency in India that draws audienc’s attention towards your brand which is followed by action. We are the best when it comes to create awareness about brands through various platforms.

  • Uncertainty and crisis management

Nothing is certain in today’s world. Uncertainty and crisis is very common in almost every organization. Most of the organizations have learnt to cope up with it. As we are counted as one of the top Pr companies in Delhi that have a great team who can come up with excellent alternate solutions in such cases which helps in removing the stress and lowers the burden.

  • Stake holder relation management

Every organization has some stake holders and maintaining a healthy relationship with them is very crucial for the sake of their retention. It is very important to maintain a healthy relation with them for the growth of the organization. Unlike other Pr companies in Delhi we help you maintain a good relation with your stake holders by regular and effective communication and timely updates.

  • Visual management

The success mantra in today’s world is presentation. The way you present yourself has a lot to do with what you offer. For a new or emerging brand, presentation plays a very important role as it is the first thing that is noticed by the end customers. Most of the time, people go by the looks which is followed by customer creation. We are very good at creating a good image.

  • Brand positioning management

We help you choose the right media for your brand to target the end audience and working accordingly to build your name through it.