A business or an individual is known by its influence and repute. It is one of the most important driving factors behind the success of many commercial models. Reputation of a company generally relates to the popular perception and notions that the public or the market holds for the services and goods of a brand or a company. The systematic and strategic control and regulation of a brand’s reputation to portray a positive image among the internet public is called “Reputation Management”.

Not only do brands – small and big alike, but individual entities like celebrities too, tend to avail the services of Reputation Management firms. Since, search engines are the major players in boosting the prominence of a website; they have become significant impact makers which mobilize popular perception through its search results. The feedback systems also are important in boosting as well as dampening the stature of a brand. The main targets of the reputation management service providers are search engine results, blogs and third party websites that directly or indirectly affect the concerned brand and companies.

The ORM is not one single process. It is rather amalgamation of processes which includes SEO, SMO and Public Relations (Offline and online). The idea is to have relevant and positive links about the brand of an individual if searched on any search engine. ORM is a long process and requires patience and skills for it to be implemented. Since Consurgys is a one stop shop for the elements of ORM, we have the right capacity to integrate them in one single strategy and revamp your online reputation.