Corporate Meetings & incentives are extremely important in today’s business world. A meeting is a chance to convey your ideas to your colleagues and business associates. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to create a positive impression on them in order to fortify your relationships. This is the reason that a meeting should be conducted in an environment conducive to effective communication. The ambience of the meeting room should be such that the participants are able to focus on the subject being discussed. At the same time, a meeting room should also be equipped with modern devices like a projector, screen, white board, etc. All this equipment is needed to effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas.

Nowadays there is a dearth of commercial space due to its exorbitant cost. As a result most offices are unable to designate any large space for a meeting. While it is alright to conduct a meeting in a less than conducive atmosphere with your colleagues, but when you wish to meet your business associates and clients it will create a very negative impression.

This is the reason that we at Convurgys provide facilities for our clients to conduct effective meetings. We provide all the paraphernalia necessary for effective communication as mentioned above. At the same time, we also provide the space for the required period of time. This ensures that our clients can conduct a meeting in a suitable environment and that too at a very affordable cost.

Most of our clients who have conducted a meeting with our help are full of praises for the arrangements made by us and are not afraid to recommend us to others.

Effective communication is the basis of successful business. Such effective communication has to exist among colleagues and business associates within the organization and also with clients. Sometimes organisations may want to convey their message on a large scale or discuss some important topics. Conferences in Delhi and outside are conducted for this purpose on various scales. Sometimes during such a conference refreshments are also served to the attendees. The venue of the conference has to be pleasant to the senses and conducive to the give and take of ideas among the attendees. Usually many important decisions are taken during such a conference and this is the reason that we at Consurgys understand the importance of such events.

The human resource is the most important and valuable resource of any organization. If employees do not feel satisfied with their employers they will simply look for other options. This kind of attrition can cause a lot of losses to the organization, and this is why most companies go out of their way to keep their employees happy and satisfied. One of the ways of doing this is giving financial rewards to the employees who are performing well or beyond the call of duty. This kind of appreciation is even more effective if it is done in a public manner as it will boost the morale of the employee in question.

At Consurgys we understand the importance of such incentives events and hence we help companies in organizing these events on any scale required. Right from the invites to the organizing of the seats, podium, venue décor and other elements are undertaken by us in great detail. We ensure that the ambience of the venue of these events is such that it adds to the feeling of being appreciated for the employees being rewarded. For such corporate meetings & incentives, the speeches are also written by our experts so that the management is able to convey its thoughts in an eloquent manner. This ensures that the employees present at the event get the right message of encouragement which in turn ensures that they remain happy with the organization and hence loyal to it. We have conducted such incentives for a large number of organisations and hence have a lot of experience in organizing these events.

Nowadays business exhibitions in Delhi are becoming quite popular in the business world because they have a history of bringing together traders and customers. The best part is that usually an exhibition is industry specific and hence the visitors to these come there knowing what they want. Here there is more of a chance to convert the visitors into customers. An exhibition is an ideal place to create a one to one relationship with your target customer. The promotional message can be conveyed with the help of graphics, banners, and many other elements. Such an exhibition allows the companies to tailor the message to the target market and convey it according to the requirements of that particular geographical region.

We undertake the planning and organization of such events on a small or large scale as required. From the booking of a suitable venue to arranging the refreshments we conduct all the activities required during a conference. We also arrange the venue décor, seating, podium decoration etc. in such a way that the attendees get a very positive impression about the organization conducting the conference. Such conferences go a long way in creating a positive feeling among the employees, business associates and clients of an organization. Sometimes when people from outside the organization are invited it creates a positive feeling among them as well. They work at promoting the brand name of the organization and creating awareness about it. We have ample experience in planning and are recognized as a solid conference organizers in Delhi and outside. We have done such conferences successfully on various scales and for different purposes.