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September 29, 2017
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September 29, 2017

To be able to write a good piece of literature is an art in itself. What constitutes a good literature? Content! Content is what makes the difference. It could mislead the readers or influence positively. So how can one write good content? Well, writing is simple but writing efficiently like a professional writer who writes for a living needs dedication and commitment. One could learn to master the art of writing by paying attention to the following tips:

  1. Grammar: A good grammar is as important to content as water is to a fish. Proper usage of grammar eliminates ambiguity due to sentence structure and reflects the intended idea or concept of the article. Undoubtedly, grammar is a critical part of content writing.
  2. Vocabulary: A good writer knows when to use the appropriate words and their respective usage. To know words is not the same as to know their usage. Reading improves vocabulary over time. A plethora of synonyms and antonyms, both – old and new can help decorate the piece of work in strikingly effective ways.
  3. Discipline: What good is an article if it fails in articulating the idea? Simplicity is the essence of a finely written article. Objective of writing is communication of a concept or an idea. Sentence structure plays a role in this along with right punctuation. Chronological sequencing of events is essential too.
  4. Originality: An original article stands out while copy-paste work calls for an ugly article. Plagiarism must be avoided. A professional writer is true to his/her work. One’s own thoughts and ideas carry the ability to impact the masses. Be original, be yourself.
  5. Elements of style: Every writer is different in terms of style. The basic elements of any language such as figure of speech, idiom, irony, personification, etc. are required in an article to differentiate it from other articles. It’s generally advised to avoid using clichés and slangs.
  6. Practice: Nobody is born a writer. Anybody can learn to write well. It’s very human to make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes. So one needs to keep practicing. With time and experience one can grow into a professional writer.

To cover everything up in a nutshell, one needs to keep a good hold on the grammar and punctuation, needs to have a rich vocabulary and most importantly, needs to be simple in conveying the thoughts.

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