Digital Coverage

Digital PR is one of the most trending marketing concepts right now as it helps in multiple ways. While the users have gone online for practically everything, most of the reading happens online as well – and this is exactly where they can be tapped. Just like a coverage can be done in print media, the coverage can also be done in digital media. Evidently, many of the popular newspapers and magazines have gone online and are investing heavily to carve out a space in there.

We figure out relevant digital platforms which are suitable for your brand, service, product or for your own self which can be utilized for features and stories that reach out to masses. Coupling it with strong social media presence of these portals, the outreach is definitely massive.

Digital PR doesn’t just reach out to people but it also helps you to appear when things about you or related to you are being searched on the internet. And hence, it boosts your SEO presence and builds up your online reputation. If your marketing strategies are focussing on SEO as well, we can also work out to get do follow links from reputed portals with heavy traffic.