Requirement Of BTL Activities In Delhi

The terms ‘above the line’ and ‘below the line’ in advertising, came into existence in 1954, due to the started defining them in terms of payment to the agencies. These terms often confuse the layman who seems to wonder what ‘line’ means, but the explanation is simple enough. ATL is the advertising in which mass media is used for promotion of brands, which includes conventional media like Television, radio, print and internet advertising which reaches out to masses. On the other hand, BTL activities are more one to one and include the distribution of pamphlets, handbills, stickers, promotions, brochures placed at strategic points.

Benefits Of Hiring A BTL Activities Agency In Delhi

  • BTL advertising is especially effective in some areas like the rural ones where the reach of mass media is limited.
  • BTL allows a brand to reach the consumer on a one to one basis and forge a relationship.
  • This is a great option when budgets are constrained and a company wants to create a connection with the consumers.
  • This is also a preferred tool when test marketing a product, sampling and also when there is a targeted campaign in relation to a larger phenomenon.

Different Means Of Performing BTL Activities In Delhi

We realize the potential of BTL activities and hence involve these tactics in most advertising campaigns where it is feasible. Our activities in this regards include roadshows, moving hoardings, email campaigns, telemarketing, and much more. We understand that when there is a need to physically display the product especially at the time of new launches and teaser campaigns, then BTL advertising is the way to go. We have a long list of clients for whom we have organized successful and effective BTL campaigns and enhanced their brand awareness and hence profits.